April is the National Child Abuse Prevention Month. All child abuse prevention efforts focus on stopping abuse and neglect by reflecting on child abuse’s effects and negative impact. Thousands of children are victims of neglect and abuse every year across the globe. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah believes every child has incredible potential that can be realized when given support and love. Most child abuse cases are not reported, but you can make a difference by creating awareness and participating in volunteer opportunities in Utah. 

Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Millions of people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn every day. You can spread awareness and educate others about child abuse and neglect prevention. People are not aware of the maltreatment that young children go through or how to prevent it. Post informative content on your social media platforms to increase knowledge and raise awareness. It is easy to find volunteer opportunities in Utah and be part of the fight against child abuse.

Attend Child Abuse Prevention Month Events Near You

In April, there are various events to raise child abuse awareness. Attend one or more and volunteer to talk to the children, contribute money, or just share a meal with the children. This shows your solidarity and support for child abuse prevention.

Start a Fundraising Campaign

Creating a fundraising page is fast and easy. By becoming one of the fundraisers, you raise money through pledging your birthday or challenging co-workers or friends to raise donations. Create an account and join hands with other groups such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah to help you reach out to many needy children and youths.

Each year thousands of children suffer emotional and physical harm. The abuse results often are behavioral and psychological problems that affect children for a lifetime. Join together with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and other volunteers this April to make a change in thousands of children’s lives.

To learn more about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah’s efforts in protecting and inspiring Utah’s youth, visit bbbsu.org