Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides mentoring relationships between adults and kids, helping to close the opportunity gaps for children and unlock their potential. BBBSU also offers volunteer opportunities in Utah for mentors to help ignite the potential of our ‘Littles.’ 

Here’s how mentors help transform the community: 

Enhanced Self-esteem and Confidence

Developing and maintaining confidence and healthy self-esteem is a challenge for many kids. Unhealthy self-esteem is the prime cause of anxiety, fear, addictive behaviors, relationship problems, dependence, and lack of assertiveness among kids. Mentors encourage Littles to face challenges and try new things, which helps to increase confidence and self-esteem. Mentors help kids recognize their strengths and accomplishments to build trust.

Reduced Addiction Risks

Mentored kids are less likely to participate in risky behaviors, even when they grow up. BBBSU builds caring relationships between Bigs and Littles, preventing kids from high-risk behaviors such as using drugs. This mentoring relationship also helps kids deal with unhealthy influences from their peers. We provide numerous volunteer opportunities in Utah to connect mentors with kids in the local community.

Lower Dropout Rates

Many kids are at risk of dropping out of school for various reasons. Kids who undergo our mentorship programs are more focused in school. Mentoring helps students focus on the importance of education, minimizing dropout rates. We create solid mentoring relationships focused on building better academic performance, maintaining good grades, graduating, and helping our Littles become productive adults following graduation. Our mentoring programs result in higher college enrollment rates. Our volunteer opportunities in Utah provide enough mentors for our Littles, allowing them to focus on their school work.

Key Takeaways

Mentorship is an essential aspect of a child’s growth and development. It enhances a child’s self-esteem and confidence while reducing the likelihood of risky behaviors among kids. Children who undergo mentorship are likely to stay focused in school. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah provides mentorship and volunteer opportunities in Utah that can benefit the mentor and the mentee equally.