Donations in Utah

Build a relationship with the mentoring programs at this particular time of the COVID19 pandemic. The mentorship programs help boost the oppressed and those with an opportunity gap within the society. Amongst the mentorship programs that support the youths in Utah is Big Brother Big Sister of Utah. Consider making donations in Utah. 

The Big Brother Big Sister of Utah tries to teach a promising future in teens by linking them to the volunteers to acquire different needs. For over 40 years, the mentorship program has allowed teens to develop and build their potentials.

You can volunteer to support this program. 

These donations in Utah include;


Finances entail where you can channel your monetary donations as a charity to the program to invest in a kid’s future. This can be the simplest and easiest way to change one’s life.


Time donations in Utah involve visiting the teens at the camp to have a one on one talk. And through this, the kids will develop the courage to express themselves and later work towards achieving their dreams.

Household Items

Household items; include used clothes. In case you are going for a new set of households, feel free to donate the used ones to a mentorship program to help the teens in Utah. It has been made convenient through the local business bins to assist in the donations of the used clothes.

Due to the pandemic, a clothing drive has been set to ease the process of clothes donations in Utah without contributing to the virus’s spread. The bags of clothing are brought together, and a day is set to pick the donated goods. Then, later on, they are sold to the savers’ thrift store. Through this, you get an email on the pounds of goods collected.

Remember, clothes are essential for human beings, and people tend to be disturbed whenever they lack clothes. Therefore make the youths feel comfortable as they try to make ends meet. You can volunteer to donate your clothes today to help teens in Utah.

For more information, visit the BBBSU website today!