Children can sometimes struggle to deal with emotions and feelings, or emotional regulation. Children need to be guided and taught helpful coping skills to regulate their emotional minds. Through volunteer opportunities in Utah with organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you can learn how to spend wellness month with a Little or child in your life.

Check-In With Kids

Children can engage in various self-care activities without spending too much time. For instance, selecting an image can help your kids identify their emotions in photos, and you can assist them in using words to explain those emotions. Children can utilize these drawings to express how they are feeling on that particular day and to give explanations for the colors, patterns, and styles they use. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah mentors can check with them individually to see how kids are feeling.

Fostering Positivity and Development Mentality

Gratitude exercises can help people feel happier, deal with hardship, and forge solid connections in their lives—various methods to incorporate thankfulness into your child’s everyday life. Through volunteer opportunities in Utah, you can spread positivity in the life of a Little.

Reduce Screen Time

Limiting screen time can have lasting effects on children. For youth, it may be essential to establish a screen time plan and make an effort to follow it. 


Wellness does not begin at a certain age. Cultivating healthy mental and physical lifestyles in your children is essential. Visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah to learn about volunteer opportunities in Utah with children. As a volunteer mentor, you can participate in physically and mentally beneficial activities for your Little.