During the summer, children have the opportunity to develop reading habits that may help increase advanced reading abilities and promote a lifelong enjoyment of reading. Organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah seek adult volunteers to become mentors to children and help them with life development. Through volunteer opportunities in Utah with BBBSU, adult mentors called ‘Bigs’ are encouraged to spend time with their ‘Little,’ or mentee, all year round and during the summer. Time spent together can include summer reading, hiking, visiting a museum together, and so much more. 

Summer reading with children can have multiple benefits, here are just a few:

Enhanced Empathy & Emotional Intelligence

Reading fiction is one of the most acceptable methods for kids to learn empathy. Especially while they may not directly encounter every issue depicted in a work of fiction, by experiencing it from the character’s perspective, children learn to empathize with those going through difficulties and develop emotional intelligence.

Enhance a Child’s Love of Reading

Kids’ lack of interest in reading is a significant issue since so many other things are vying for their attention, such as video games, TV, and the internet. You can build up their reading habits by enrolling them in reading programs, taking them to read in libraries, and simply finding books that peak their interest at a young age.

Expanding their Viewpoint

Students may broaden their views on life experiences through literature about individuals different from them. Reading stories featuring characters with various family structures, ethnic groups, cultures, abilities, and hobbies may help your kid learn to be inclusive while also providing a springboard for crucial discussions about equality and accepting differences. 

Reading with a Mentor

Reading with a child can be an excellent way to bond. You can share your favorite stories with them, and discuss the meaning and lessons within the story after reading. You can take turns reading aloud as well. 

If you are searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is looking for mentors to dedicate their time to helping children reach their full potential.