Big Brother Brady and Little Brother Kalvin have formed a budding friendship since being matched through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah program. Brady, who was looking for a way to give back to the community, found that becoming a mentor for Kalvin was not only rewarding but also a lot of fun. 

When asked about their favorite activities, Brady said, “Kalvin is very open-minded, so we try to do as many different activities as we can.” Some of their favorite ways to spend time together have been going to the library, swimming at the rec center, and going to car shows. These activities have not only been enjoyable for the pair but have also helped Kalvin come out of his shell. Brady shared, “Although we haven’t been matched for very long, I think Kalvin has become a bit more outgoing since I first met him. He doesn’t shy away from talking to the employees at stores, the library, or the rec center, for instance, when he has questions about something.” 

Being a Big has not only made a difference in Kalvin’s life but also in Brady’s. “Being a Big has helped me to be more positive. I look forward to the days that Kalvin and I have activities, and when we’re together, I make a conscious effort to live in the moment. Those are traits that I’ve tried to bring back to my daily life,” Brady said. 

One of the things that makes the relationship between Brady and Kalvin so special is their shared enthusiasm for life and new experiences. “My favorite things about Kalvin are his positive attitude and decisiveness. He’s generally enthusiastic and excited about whatever activity we have planned, no matter how mundane,” said Brady. This openness and honesty have helped the pair create lasting memories, like their favorite memory of going to a car show together. “Kalvin wanted to get his picture taken in front of every single car at the show so he could show his brother and his mom. I’m pretty sure some of the cars weren’t even part of the exhibition but were just normal cars that people had parked to get to the event,” Brady laughs. 

If you are thinking about becoming a volunteer in Utah as a Big, Brady encourages you to take the leap. “I think it’s a great experience. The staff members do a great job in matching you with a Little who shares many of the same interests, so none of it ends up feeling like work since you’re doing activities you would enjoy anyway. It’s a fun way of having a positive impact on your community while also getting to learn some things yourself along the way,” he said. 

By volunteering as a mentor, you can make a lasting impact on a child’s life while also creating meaningful memories and learning new things. The BBBSU program provides training and support to help volunteer Bigs like Brady make the most of their time with their Little. 

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