Looking for Volunteer Opportunities in Utah?

The best way to be a great “Big” is by volunteering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. As the largest provider of mentoring services in the state, we rely on volunteers like you to help our kids reach their potential! So how do you take advantage of volunteer opportunities in Utah? Below are three easy steps that will get you started.

Get to know the child and their interests

The first step in being an excellent child mentor is to get to know them and their interests. This step will help you have fun while also helping the child grow. For example, some things you can do are the following:

  • Ask the child what they like, dislike, or dream about
  • Look at pictures of things that interest him/her
  • Find out where he/she wants to go when he/she gets older and find ways to encourage those dreams.

This is an excellent first step because it helps kids open up more easily as well as giving a sense of direction to any mentoring relationship.

Spend time with them on a regular basis

Second, spend time with them on a regular basis.

This can be done in many ways, such as arranging meetings ahead of time to hang out at the library or park, calling him/her and chatting about his/her day, or going over homework together.

Keep your commitments to the child even if it is difficult

Finally, keep your commitments to the child even if it is difficult. If you promised him/her an activity, then don’t back out just because you had a rough day at work or are feeling lazy.

This will teach kids that they should always keep their word and not break promises – an important lesson for any future leader.

If you want to be a great “Big,” then taking advantage of the program at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is the way to go. Right now, we are in need of volunteers for our caring and compassionate mentoring program. You can volunteer as an individual or by teaming up with your company! 

Check out all the volunteer opportunities in Utah on the BBBSU site today.