As the leaves change color and the temperatures drop, it can be hard to know how to keep your Little entertained. Below are three no-cost activities suggested for kids in Salt Lake during the fall. These activities will keep your Little entertained and help them learn about their community.

Volunteer at a Local Food Bank or Shelter

Fall is the perfect time to give back to those in need in our community, and volunteering at a food bank or shelter can be an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about helping others. Non-profit organizations based in Salt Lake City offer volunteer opportunities in Utah for adults and kids. These include serving meals at a homeless shelter, joining cloth drives, and helping at community events.

Explore Nature with a Hike

Utah is known for its stunning natural landscapes, and fall is the perfect time to explore them with a hike. The National Park Service offers several hikes in Salt Lake City, including the City Creek Trail, Millcreek Canyon, and Ensign Peak. Hiking is an excellent way for kids to get some exercise and appreciate the changing colors of nature.

Witchfest at Gardner Village

Each year, Gardner Village in West Jordan hosts a fall celebration known as ‘Witchfest.’ Witchfest runs Monday through Saturday from September 17 to October 31st. During this time, adults and children can walk around the village to see various decorations and costumes. For more information about Witchfest, visit

If you are not yet a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and are interested in becoming one, visit to learn more about volunteer opportunities in Utah. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is seeking volunteers year-round to become a mentor to youth throughout the state of Utah.