Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we want you and your Little to take advantage of volunteer opportunities in Utah and have the best Halloween yet this year! That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of activities for you and your Little to enjoy this Halloween season:


Pumpkin Alternative:

Rather than going out and buying a pumpkin with your Little, try this cost-effective and creative alternative: milk jug jack-o’-lanterns. If you have some extra milk lying around, what better way to finish it off than with your Little, along with some Halloween cookies? All you’ll need is the following:


These jack-o’-lanterns will make the perfect backdrop for reading Halloween stories with your Little. If you do not have a library membership or accessible children’s stories, try looking up read-aloud stories of different age-appropriate Halloween stories for kids on Youtube. Make sure to watch these videos before playing them for your Little. Play The Story of the Jack-o’-lantern for your Little while making milk jug jack-o’-lanterns so they can understand the story behind the celebrated pumpkin tradition. 


Spooky-Themed Bookmarks

Speaking of reading to your Little, why not add some creativity to the pages? Make this origami bat bookmark, and your Little can have a friend that follows them to each page. You’ll just need the following materials: 


Suddenly, needing to take a pause from the story isn’t so bad; your Little gets to see their spooky friend again!


Create Halloween Songs 

While making these crafts and reading to your Little, try having some festive music playing in the background. You can look up children’s Halloween songs on Youtube or make your own! Pull out some pots and pans and become your own Halloween orchestra. You and your Little will enjoy trying to come up with lyrics.


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