Donations in Utah

There are many reasons to donate to any charitable organization. Many organizations rely on public support to fund their organizational mission and operations. Public donations in Utah have decreased due to current economic hardships as a result of the current global pandemic.

However, financial donations have increased, like food banks and food pantries for disaster relief, during this time. There is a need to donate to other causes like arts organizations and educational institutions.

When you think about donating, there are some great benefits to giving to a charitable organization. Let’s explore some reasons why donating is beneficial:

  1. Improving your physical health – Studies show that when you give your time, talent or funds, your blood pressure is lowered, as well as your stress level. It can also improve your self-esteem that you are helping someone else in need.
  2. Protect your local community – When you donate to a local organization, like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, there is immediate access to care in a crisis. This organization accepts gently-used clothing and shoes for children in need. Local organizations respond faster to crises than larger organizations. When you donate items to the organization, 350 children will be served.
  3. Lengthen your life expectancy – Experts show that people ages 55 and up, who volunteered for two or more organizations, were 44% less likely to die over five years than those who did not volunteer.

Giving donations not only helps with getting a break on your taxes, but there is also a benefit for the community at large. It can be hard to give when you are personally finding ways to make ends meet. However, donating is not just financial, but also giving items you no longer use to those less fortunate than you.

Make sure you give what you can when you can to improve your community. You never know who you are helping.