Life moves by at an incredible speed, and most of us fill that time with a balance of work and play. The question of how fulfilling that time relates directly to our choices of how those times are used. One way to make the most of your time is volunteering as a Big Brother or Big Sister of Utah. Here are the top three reasons to pick being a “Big” when looking for opportunities to volunteer in Utah:


  • Help Someone Else We’ll start with the apparent benefit—making a difference in another’s life. The child (“Little”) has been selected through an application process to be paired with an adult who can help build a strong foundation by creating a positive bond. By becoming “Big,” you can help a child to gain confidence and self-esteem. According to a recent study, positive role models can significantly reduce the likelihood of the use of drugs and alcohol or the use of physical violence.
  • Help Improve Yourself While it might be hard to believe that volunteering just a few hours a month can make a difference for a “Little,” it may seem even more challenging to think about how your life as a “Big” will change. Volunteering can help develop a sense of purpose, and many of the relationships built between “Bigs” and “Littles” grow from their 3-4 hours a month to lifelong bonds.
  • Help Improve the Community The best way to make significant changes is to start with small ones. Investing your time as a role model to improve the youth of our community means you’re investing in our future by improving the children’s attitudes towards school and their relationships at home. Is there a better way to find volunteer opportunities in Utah than to help shape our youth? See further proof from a 2019 study:

What more reasons do you need to start making a difference? Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the best volunteer opportunities in Utah. Visit to find out more today.