One of our favorite things at Big Brothers Big Sisters is learning about the achievements of our Bigs and Littles. We owe much to the time and heart that our mentors give to empower potential in our local youth. This is what makes mentoring one of the most fulfilling volunteer opportunities in Utah.

So what exactly is the role of a mentor? We could go on and on, but here’s a summary:


The mentors that take advantage of BBBS volunteer opportunities in Utah are a great resource for their Littles. Many times, our matches are made with common interests in mind. That means they can offer Littles with new opportunities to grow and develop themselves. They can also introduce them to additional positive influences.


Today’s youth face a lot of unique challenges. A big part of the BBBS volunteer opportunities in Utah is offering guidance. They need someone in their corner to help them see their own potential. Our mentors work together with family members to encourage Littles to make healthy decisions and improve.


A mentor is essentially a coach. They cheer for the victories and they work hard to pull out of defeats. An effective mentor will help their mentees step out of their comfort zones. They’ll celebrate success with their mentees and help them make sense of the consequences that come with making tough decisions.

It’s easy to put the role of a mentor into a list. But it’s a lot harder to measure the impact that a positive Big has in the life of a Little and vice versa. This month is National Mentoring Month. Celebrate it today by looking at our volunteer opportunities in Utah. We have many youth eagerly waiting to be matched with a mentor. Visit our website to learn more!