Many people experience feelings of loneliness or social isolation. For some, this is in response to the quarantines imposed by the global pandemic; for others, these feelings of isolation are caused by longer-term issues like unfamiliarity with the area, a lack of close social connections, or feelings of not fitting into the community.

It’s necessary to find social connections, both for a person’s mental and physical health and for the betterment of the whole community. Ending these feelings of isolation can be beneficial for the individual and beneficial to everyone else as a more active, engaged participant in social life.

The best way to fight isolation is to look for volunteer opportunities in Utah that provide both a way to reach out to others and a way for this social connection to improve the lives of others tangibly.

Volunteering Benefits Mental Health

Research supports the fact that volunteering makes people happier, as participating in volunteer programs makes a noticeable positive change in people’s reported happiness over long periods. An article published by UC Berkeley adds further insight; volunteering to provide the good feeling of helping others also increases people’s feelings of social connection.

No matter the cause of isolation, volunteering is an effective way to build a sense of community while making a better world for other people. However, it can be hard to know which volunteer opportunities in Utah are worth getting involved in.

How to Get Involved in Volunteer Opportunities in Utah

It can be challenging to find volunteer opportunities in Utah that help end that feeling of isolation while actively doing good in the world. That’s why it’s great to reach out to established organizations with a strong track record of contributions and happy volunteers, such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Working with a volunteer organization with a history of excellence and an interest in finding the perfect role for you is the best way to start getting involved.