Our cause gives persons of any background the ability to make donations in Utah, and while there are plenty of ways to donate, not all donations support the community entirely as ours do. The donations in Utah we receive offer children facing adversity a one-to-one relationship. Something that will change their lives for the better. If it weren’t for the donations we receive, we would not be able to do this.

Here are the four specific ways you can donate to BBBSU:


As is the case with all the donations we receive, financial contributions help empower our Littles (the mentored kids in our program) to realize their potential. The fastest and easiest way to support our mission is by making one of these charitable contributions online. With financial donations, you can make a one-time donation or schedule your donations each month. You can also honor a family member, friend, or past Big (mentor) or Little by making out your donation in their name.


If you want to support our mission but feel that making a financial contribution isn’t possible, you can donate any unwanted clothes or household items instead. People make donations in Utah like this all the time, but when you give us your used items, you can rest assured that it will go to a good cause. The items you give us are either resold, recycled, or sent to developing countries. These contributions support our mentoring programs. They help other individuals from outside of our country. Plus, it softens environmental impact by keeping fewer items out of our landfills.

  1. AmazonSmile

Outside of the used item donations, the other two types of contributions we’ve mentioned are sometimes difficult for people to make. But there is one more way you can help — AmazonSmile. If you have an Amazon account and make orders through them, you can shop from eligible products at the same prices. But with every purchase you make, 0.5 percent of the asset will go to the charitable organization of your choice; Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of the options provided.

When you make donations in Utah, be sure to make it out to Big Brothers Big Sisters. Over 90,000 kids live in poverty in our state.  We’re doing everything we can to eliminate any disadvantageous gaps they face. Through a personal, one-to-one mentoring program, we don’t create the potential for these kids but defend it. Please stand with us and support these kids by donating to us today!