What is National Mentoring Month?

National Mentoring Month is an annual campaign observed in January that’s committed to acknowledging mentoring and its impact on people’s lives. The campaign focuses on how we can empower people to unleash their full potential, from developing employees and inspiring college students to support young people.

This campaign aims to recruit mentors and raise mentoring awareness while engaging organizations to grow mentoring programs.

Established in 2002, National Mentoring Month is conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health in a bid to expand mentoring opportunities. The National Mentoring Partnership is a non-profit organization founded by Raymond Chambers and Geoffrey Boisi in 1990.

Since its establishment, National Mentoring Month has been recognized and supported by US presidents, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush.

Ways to Get Involved

At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we celebrate mentoring and its value to Utah kids. If you are searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah and want to become an active volunteer mentor, here is how you can partner with us.

  • Donate Time

We invite you to donate your time to help kids in our community have long-lasting success through mentorship. BBBSU offers volunteer opportunities in Utah for those willing to dedicate a one-year minimum to mentoring. You’ll be matched with a child who can benefit from your encouragement and you will be able to have an impact in their life.

  • Donate Financially

When you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, you invest in a child’s future. This January, start planning to leave a lasting impression and start changing the lives of the children in Utah. You can even set up a recurring monthly donation to BBBSU to donate all year long. Your donation to mentorship can help to give Utah kids the self-esteem they need to pursue their dreams. Your financial donation supports our programs for Bigs and Littles.

  • Donate Used Clothes

Sometimes, we fall out of love with our household items and clothes. You can donate clothing of all sizes, bedding, home decor, shoes, sporting goods, electronics, small furniture, books, toys, etc. By donating these items, you help us support our mission of mentoring children in Utah.

Different Days to celebrate National Mentoring Month and How to Celebrate Them

As part of the National Mentoring Month celebration, various activities are carried out during the month. These activities include:

  • January 11th- I am a Mentor Day.

Share your experience on social media using #mentoringmonth and tell a brief story about how being a mentor has impacted you.

  • January 16th- Dr. Martin Luther King Day of Service

Share the inspirational words of Dr. Martin Luther King and elevate the spirit of service.

  • January 17th-International Mentoring Day

On this day, share stories about the real-life power and value of mentoring on social media platforms using #Internationalmentoringday. You can donate, find someone to mentor or get involved in a mentoring program.

  • January 26th- Thank Your Mentor Day

Do you remember when someone inspired you with their life experience or knowledge or encouraged you to keep pushing despite challenges? Have you ever received personal or professional guidance and ongoing help? Has someone helped you set goals or targets for yourself then followed through to help you meet them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to thank your mentor. Share a social media post explaining why you are thankful for your mentor or write your mentor a personal thank you letter. 

How to Become a Mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

There are currently 75 kids in Utah waiting for a mentor. These kids would benefit from having a relationship with a mentor. Here are six steps to becoming a mentor: 

Step one: Understand the expectations of a mentor.

Step two: Complete your application by filling out provided forms.

Step three: Provide fingerprints and complete your interview.

Step four: Complete your virtual training on how to build a positive relationship with

your Little and their caregiver(s).

Step five: Complete your assessment by verifying your background and reference checks.

Step six: If accepted, meet your mentee and their caregiver(s).

To volunteer in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, visit https://bbbsu.org/be-a-mentor/