Winter can be harshly cold, so it is natural to want to spend most of your time indoors where it is warm. However, outside play may be critical for children’s mental and physical health. With practical and fun activities planned, children can enjoy their time outdoors, even in the winter. Here are a few ways kids can get more outside play this winter:

Wear Warm Clothing 

The main line of defense against the chilling cold outside is clothing. Therefore, they need to wear their winter clothes to get kids to play outside during winter safely. Ensure the kids dress in layers sufficient for the temperature.

Have them wear socks with waterproof boots or shoes. Staying dry is half the battle during winter, so waterproof clothing is essential. Mittens are great when playing in the snow. 

Pack Snacks

Your body has to produce more heat during winter, so you consume more calories. Children will especially be ravenous when playing outside during winter so pack them snacks. Here is a list of 17 tasty winter snacks kids will love! 

Plan Fun Activities

Outdoor winter activities are a great way to ensure children get outside play time even with cold weather. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make snow angels
  • Build a snowman 
  • Have a snowball fight 
  • Make a snow maze
  • Go sledding in a park
  • Shovel the snow in a friend’s or neighbor’s driveaway

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