Volunteer Opportunities in Utah: Building Bonds that Last a Lifetime!

Summer is here, and it’s time to make the most of these sunny days by engaging in exciting activities that strengthen the bonds between our amazing male matches. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah understands that spending quality time together is essential for building strong and lasting connections, and that’s why we’ve compiled a fantastic list of engaging summer activities that will bring out the best in both Bigs and Littles. For those looking for volunteer opportunities in Utah, learn more about being a Big and how you can impact the life of a Little.

  1. Outdoor Adventure Day

Embrace the great outdoors with an action-packed adventure day! Take your Little Brother to a local park, nature reserve, or even somewhere with a breathtaking scenery. Enjoy exploring the natural beauty, wildlife, and fresh air while engaging in fun activities like scavenger hunts, nature photography, or even birdwatching. This is an excellent opportunity for Bigs to share their love for the outdoors and for Littles to learn more about nature and wildlife. As you explore, share stories of your own outdoor experiences and how nature has brought joy, peace, and inspiration to your life. Create a welcoming environment where your Little Brother feels comfortable sharing his own thoughts and feelings, fostering a sense of trust and camaraderie between you.

  1. Sports Extravaganza

Sports lovers, get ready for a day of adrenaline-pumping excitement! Organize a mini-Olympics event, where Matches can compete in friendly games of basketball, soccer, baseball, or any sport of your choice. Divide into teams and encourage each Match to come up with their team name and cheer to add to the excitement. This will not only spark creativity but also promote teamwork and unity among the Matches. Remember, it’s not about winning; it’s about having fun and encouraging each other to do their best. To Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, the bond between formed through teamwork and support is unbeatable.

  1. Creative Arts and Crafts

Unleash your creativity with arts and crafts projects! Get messy with paint, sculpt with clay, or try your hand at DIY crafts. This activity is an opportunity for Bigs and Littles to express themselves, share ideas, and learn from each other. Engaging in arts and crafts not only provides a platform for self-expression but also fosters problem-solving and critical thinking skills. As you work together on a project, discuss different techniques and approaches, allowing your Little Brother to learn new skills and gain confidence in his abilities. Whether it’s painting a mural together or making friendship bracelets, the experience will be a cherished memory for both of you.

  1. Cook-Off Challenge

Calling all aspiring chefs! Spend a day in the kitchen whipping up delicious treats. You can organize a cook-off challenge where you and your Little Brother team up to create a mouthwatering dish.Before you start cooking, head to the grocery store together to shop for the freshest ingredients needed for your culinary adventure. Involve your Little Brother in the decision-making process, allowing him to share his preferences and ideas for the dish. For Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, it’s not just about cooking; it’s about communication, collaboration, and, of course, enjoying a scrumptious meal at the end of the day!

  1. Community Volunteering

Instill the spirit of giving back by engaging in community volunteering. Participate in local initiatives like cleaning up a park, planting trees, or helping at a food bank. Before embarking on your volunteering journey, sit down with your Little Brother and discuss the various volunteer opportunities available. Let him choose a cause that resonates with him, empowering him to make a positive impact in an area he’s passionate about. Volunteering not only promotes a sense of responsibility and empathy but also creates memories of making a positive impact together.

  1. Movie Marathon Madness

Who doesn’t love a movie marathon? Pick a theme – be it action-packed superhero films, heartwarming animated classics, or educational documentaries. Grab some popcorn and drinks, create a cozy movie-watching space, and settle in for hours of entertainment. To make the movie marathon extra special, you can even create your movie tickets and hand them out before the show begins, adding a touch of excitement and anticipation to the event. Discuss the movies afterward, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and maybe even reenact your favorite scenes!

  1. Explore a Historical Site

Uncover the rich history of your city or town by visiting a historical site or museum. Learn about significant events and influential figures who shaped your community’s past. It’s an opportunity for Bigs and Littles to connect on a deeper level and instill a sense of pride in your cultural heritage. Encourage your Little Brother to imagine what life was like in the past, and discuss how those experiences have shaped the world we live in today. By connecting the past with the present, you can inspire a sense of pride and responsibility in your Little Brother towards his own cultural heritage which is invaluable to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.

  1. Discovering Nature’s Wonders

Hiking takes you to breathtaking landscapes, from lush forests and rolling hills to majestic mountains and serene lakes. As you and your Little Brother venture through these natural wonders, take the time to point out interesting flora and fauna along the way. Teach your Little Brother about different plants and wildlife, fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and environmental conservation. Consider taking a break during the hike to sit quietly and observe the surroundings. This mindful moment allows both of you to appreciate the tranquility of nature and fosters a deeper sense of connection with the natural world.

Become a Big Today!

As a Big Brother, you have the incredible opportunity to be positive role models and friends for your Little Brother. Engaging in summer activities together strengthens your bond, encourages personal growth, and fosters a sense of belonging and connection that will last a lifetime. So, let’s make this summer unforgettable by trying out these engaging activities and creating memories that both Bigs and Littles will cherish forever.

Remember, it’s not about the activity itself; it’s about the time spent together, the laughter shared, and the lessons learned along the way. Being a Big is an invaluable volunteer opportunity in Utah and if you want to learn more visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.