Dayspring Pens is proud to partner with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah through a donation of 40 engraved pens. Dayspring Pens expresses, “It is an honor to be able to donate to an organization that works so diligently to serve the youth in their community by providing one-on-one mentorships that help young individuals reach their full potential.” 

For years, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has been empowering children to recognize their potential for leading healthy and successful lives, regardless of their background. Dayspring Pens hopes that the donation of pens can show the respect and appreciation they hold for those who are vital to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah’s work.

Located in Virginia Beach, Dayspring Pens specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind, engraved gift pens. Each of the engraved pens donated features the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah logo. It is their great wish that the pens will do some good to help this incredible charity as they continue to support children in the local community. 

Volunteer Opportunities in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah

Currently, 1-in-3 children in our communities are raised without an adult mentor in their lives. This means many children are growing up without the guidance of a caring adult mentor by their side. With your help, we can change this!

Decades of research and experience have demonstrated the incredible impact that mentoring can have.

It boosts educational achievements, providing that extra nudge to excel in school. It’s a source of emotional support, helping kids navigate the ups and downs of life with a trusted friend. Mentoring also equips them with vital life skills and encourages them to make wise choices. It’s all about fostering positivity and growth, and that’s something truly amazing we can do for the kids in our community. 

What Does it Mean to Be A Mentor?   

Being a mentor for a child doesn’t require a lot. Being a mentor means: being there, spending time, and building a genuine connection. You don’t have to have all the answers; you just need to be willing to listen and learn together. By getting to know them, sharing experiences, and simply being present, you can make an incredible impact on a young life. It’s about those little moments, the laughter, the conversations, and the adventures you share that can create a bond that lasts a lifetime. 

If you’d like some reassurance, click here to watch a quick 60-second video on how your time and effort can truly make a lasting impact on youth near you. 

Currently, there are several children on our mentoring waiting list awaiting your help. Here’s how you can begin to get involved. 

  1. Learn about our mission, and how we strive to best serve youth in Utah. Click here to read our mission
  2. Learn about the details of our mentoring programs and about volunteer opportunities in Utah with BBBSU. Click here for more information
  3. Apply! Follow this link and fill out the form to get started on your application as a Big! 
  4. If being a Big is not something you are ready for, there are plenty of other ways you can help BBBSU and the youth we serve. For a full list of more ways you can help, visit

With your help and the support of our incredible partners like Dayspring Pens, we can make an impact on the lives of youth in our communities.