Suicide is the number one cause of death among young people. Age 15 to 19 years marks a period of transition that is often accompanied by stress feelings. Personal relationships, school work, and uncertainty about the future cause stress among the youth. Family conflict and separation can also add stress to the youth.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is on the frontline in helping the youth in Utah through one-to-one mentoring. 

Risk Factors for Suicide

Depression can get into the way of rational thought and interfere with decision-making. Depressed youths may not see that their problems have a solution. Intense depression prevents the youth from seeing the importance of life, so they commit suicide. Other causes of suicide may include;

  • Living under extreme chronic social conditions such as poverty and homelessness
  • Experiencing a huge loss
  • Feeling neglected
  • Family history of suicide
  • Living with childhood trauma and abuse
  • Mental disorders such as Bipolar and schizophrenia

Warning Signs for Suicide

If looking for Volunteer Opportunities in Utah, one should be aware of signs of suicide. Here are the warning signs;

  • Speaking about going away and donating belongings
  • Threatening about hurting and killing oneself
  • Complaining about headaches and stomachaches frequently
  • Speaking about being hopeless
  • Speaking about feeling like being a burden to other
  • Find difficulty in concentrating at work or school
  • Acting anxious or angry and having regular mood swings

Ways You Can Help

There is hope for the people planning suicide. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is doing its best to offer helpful solutions for anyone with suicidal thoughts. Here is how to help;

  • Start by checking for the signs of suicide
  • Ask the victim if they are thinking about suicide
  • Allow the victim to talk and listen carefully and take their concerns seriously
  • Please do not give them simple advice such as cheer up. Instead, remind them that they are important and the world needs them
  • Remind them that you got their back. Therefore, youths do not need to feel lonely
  • Enquire from them how you can help them. Ensure you honor any promise that you make to them

Getting Started

The suicidal threats should be taken seriously. The Volunteer Opportunities in Utah are our honorable time to end the mental anguish that causes suicide.

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