Most people probably don’t consider the impact mentorship can have on a child’s future. Mentorship positively impacts school attendance, GPA, career prospects, and mental health. Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we prioritize a child’s potential by offering mentorship and volunteer opportunities in Utah. Our organization focuses on creating the best environment for the child and pairs them with a successful role model to guide them. The result of mentorships is a motivated and productive group of children. The mentors within our organization are referred to as “Bigs,” and the children are referred to as “Littles.” 

Why Mentorship is Important

Mentoring is helping another person achieve success and see growth in their life. Mentorship programs offer significant benefits for children and their communities. Mentoring can help kids stay in school and prepare for their future, improve their relationships, and avoid risky behaviors.

Mentorship has benefits beyond just getting kids out of the house to try new things. Mentors can also help children stay in school, prepare for college, get higher-paying jobs and, most importantly, achieve their potential. Mentoring promotes mental health, boosts self-esteem, and helps kids avoid substance abuse.

Mentorship also provides benefits to the mentors. Mentors can take up volunteer opportunities in Utah with the child they’re paired with, helping the child learn leadership skills. And as for the community, everyone benefits from confident, motivated, and success-oriented youths.

How to Promote Mentorship

Here at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, mentors can offer support to a child they are paired with within their area. You can support mentorship programs by donating money, clothes, and time. These valuable resources go a long way in helping create lasting mentorships. Contact Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah for more information about becoming a Big today.