People Love Making Donations in Utah

Utah has a reputation for being one of the most generous states in America, and for good reason. In 2015, Utah was reportedly given the number one spot for the amount of charity and volunteer work performed by its citizens, with 68 percent of people making donations in Utah of at least $25 and nearly one million people completing some form of volunteer work. In particular, Salt Lake City ranked first of the 51 metropolitan U.S. cities, with a total of 38 million volunteer hours and $1.3 billion of services. The majority of these volunteer efforts were in religion, which was at 65 percent. Meanwhile, education accounted for 14.2 percent, social services accounted for 8.5 percent, and civic organizations accounted for 4.6 percent.

Another study performed in 2018 stated that Utah citizens donate around 6.6 percent of their income to charity on average. According to the article, Utah in 2018 had a total of 8,582 charities, with 583 of them being nonprofit. While Salt Lake City was reported as having contributed the greatest amount of donations in Utah, Alpine was ranked first when factoring in donations per person, the total number of charities, and the overall population.

People Make Donations in Utah to Help Children

People often make donations in Utah to help underprivileged children. This is where the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah program comes in. Big Brothers Big Sisters aims to help disadvantaged children realize their full potential so that they can improve in all aspects of their lives. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, people in Utah can help change kids’ lives all across the state by serving as mentors to them. The program stresses that volunteers must make three types of contributions to help children improve in all aspects of their lives. These contributions are investing time in one-on-one mentoring, donating money, and donating clothing.

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