Donating to nonprofit organizations is one of the most effective ways to give back to the community. Donations may come in the form of cash or property. When making donations in Utah, an important first step is to research the charity. Avoid charity scams by dealing with reputable nonprofit organizations.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a non-profit organization in Utah benefiting specifically the youth in the community. Every year we help thousands of children in Utah through our civic engagement programs. We improve their welfare, quality of life, and prospects. Our programs’ goal is to shape the youth into adults who will positively influence their communities.

Cash Donations In Utah

A financial donation is one of the main ways to give back to the community. Monthly contributions help BBBSU to do matchmaking for children and adult mentors. Assistance in the form of stocks and securities allows you to invest in children in the community.

Our planned giving program comes with tax advantages and a potential income increase. Visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah website for more information.

Donating Used Clothes And Household Items

Donations in Utah in used clothes and items help benefit others beyond your reach. Through donations centers at certain locations, you can donate your used clothing or a variety of items. We have partnered with Second-hand stores such as Savers to ensure that your donated items are able to help BBBSU programs. 

Donating Your Time

Cash and items aren’t the only things you can give. Donating time each year goes a long way in fostering the development of a child. Youth mentorship programs greatly benefit children. A caring relationship with adults improves their emotional wellbeing and gives them an ideal to aspire. 

Through BBBSU, you can apply to become a “Big” or mentor to a younger child or “Little.”

During this Holidays season, you can 

Give Thanks To The Community

This Thanksgiving, reach out to an organization to see how you can help those who may be in need. Through these organizations, you can give thanks to your community.