Much of the good that happens at Big Brothers Big Sisters is possible because of our donors. Without their contributions, there would be no infrastructure to support the incredible work of our volunteers. The donations in Utah build the groundwork for our local efforts. You too can empower potential in the lives of children by our variety of donation options.

donations in Utah


We reuse, recycle, or repurpose all the clothing we receive through Savers. Money from sales then goes toward helping 350 Utah kids annually. Our donation bins are scattered throughout the Wasatch Front and St. George areas. All you have to do is enter your zip code or address to find the nearest clothing drop bin.


We accept a variety of toys, such as bicycles, board games, stuffed animals, sporting goods, and video games. Not only does this type of contribution it go toward community donations in Utah, but it saves precious room in landfills as well.

Household items

We accept small furniture pieces and other helpful items like curtains, blankets, and light fixtures. We will also take most kitchenware, including blenders, toasters, Tupperware, dishes, and kitchen utensils. This does not include any large appliances such as a dishwasher or dryer.


While we don’t accept computer systems or television sets, electronics are an important part of our donations. If you have any computer printers, software, or accessories we will accept them. We also accept telephones, DVD and VCR players, radios, and telephones.


There are also a variety of ways to give monetary donations. You can show your support through AmazonSmile, Corporate Matching, stocks and other securities, corporate partnerships, planned giving, or a monthly investment. To learn more about these different ways to contribute donations in Utah, visit our website.

Our mission at BBBS in Utah is urgent. But we know that we can work together to empower potential in the lives of local youth. Building a pattern of giving will not only benefit them, but it will build our communities as well, creating a better future.