Our environment is an essential part of everyone’s lives. We must work toward protecting the environment and teaching our kids to do the same. Educating children on the importance of maintaining and respecting the world around us is crucial. Here at Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Utah, we provide volunteer opportunities in Utah for adults to become mentors and teach youth (Little’s) about the world they live in. 


Here are some ideas of what you can teach your Little about the environment. 



Teaching kids the importance of recycling and how reusing existing resources can help our ecosystem and decrease pollution is a tough job. Showing them what recycling bins are and what happens to the remnants within them can help them understand. Showing them how to upcycle, craft or create with old things and make something new can also help them find recycling fun and learn innovation skills while providing an activity you can share together. 



Teaching Littles about the creatures of our world can help them understand that we share this planet. By exposing them to new and different animals, their homes, their needs, and their skills, children can learn how to respect the animals we share our planet with and maybe even build a desire to protect them. Aquariums, educational books, zoos, and Biomes can help children learn about animals while having fun.



Plants are the foundation of growth, food, oxygen, ecosystem, and sustaining life. Children need to learn how to protect plants, see their benefits and understand their purpose. Gardening, green housing, nature hunts, herbal study, and plant biomes are great ways to help kids learn more about plants and their role in our environment. 


Water Conservation 

Teaching kids about water collection, distribution, cycles, and importance is key to understanding the environment. Taking kids to see streams, water wheels, irrigation systems, damns, lakes, and water filtering processes can help them understand water’s role in life. It will open their eyes to how water supports agriculture, animals, recreation, and more. 


If you or someone you know is searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah with children, consider Big Brothers Big Sister of Utah. Volunteers are encouraged to become ‘Bigs’ and spend time with Utah’s youth through one-on-one mentoring. Visit bbbsu.org to learn more.