What Happens to Donations in Utah?

Donations in Utah made to approved charities are tax-deductible, up to 6% according to the US Charitable Gift Trust website, and every dollar you donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah makes a huge difference in the lives of children in our community. 

Your donations are used to manage over 1,200 matches each year. Even though that sounds like a lot, we want to match every “little” seeking their “big” across the state. Your donations make that possible.

Your Donations Help

Your financial and in-kind donation allows us to connect adult mentors to children and teens, between the ages of 6 and 16, in our community who need support from a responsible adult. Donations in Utah shared with our organization helps more students finish high school (and maybe go to college), take on leadership roles in the state, and launch new businesses. Mentors also benefit from these one-to-one mentoring relationships by sharing their time and getting to help young people succeed. Data from the national BBBS confirm these outcomes and their impact on education.

If you’re not able to donate your time, perhaps you can sponsor one of our signature annual events? We are excited to launch trivia nights this year that are home-based events and plan for in-person events. If you cannot commit at that level, please know that any dollar makes a difference. You can leverage your donations in Utah through this secure donation link. Every dollar we raise helps us seek matching contributions, minimize the costs of materials we need to acquire and support our outreach to the community.

Your donations are the lifeblood of our organization, and we are appreciative of every donor. If you have any questions about what happens to your donations at the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, visit our website today!