Your donations in Utah can be used for a wide range of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ programs. Your contributions positively affect our programs involving youth in Utah, “Littles,” that are being mentored by “Bigs.” 

If you’ve decided to donate, you’re making a direct, positive difference in the lives of the youth and adults in our state and community. This applies to every Big Brothers branch nationwide.

How Big Brothers Big Sisters Helps Young People

Research has shown that young people who integrate into a Big Brothers Big Sisters youth program, in Utah or elsewhere in the country, positively benefit from the connection and time investment made by both them and the organization in their lives. These benefits manifest across various aspects of these young people’s lives, and you can contribute to the continuation of the programs that make this possible. 

What We Accept and Don’t Accept

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is highly flexible about the types of donations we accept. We will happily make the best use we can of your contributions.

We gladly accept the following items:

  • Children’s clothing of almost any type
  • Toys such as board games, outdoor toys, video games, and consoles 
  • Clothing in general for all sizes and of all kinds, including shoes
  • Small appliances
  • Men’s clothing in all adult sizes
  • Women’s clothing in all adult sizes
  • Bedding and draperies
  • Electronics such as stereo equipment and telephones
  • Household goods
  • Kitchenware and Tupperware
  • Sporting goods
  • Miscellaneous items such as jewelry, knick-knacks, and entertainment items such as DVDs

We, unfortunately, can not accept the following donations:

  • Large appliances
  • Certain types of electronics
  • Large furniture, including box springs and mattresses
  • Certain types of kitchenware 
  • Car and other automobile parts
  • Hazardous or flammable products