The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah (BBBSU) has been around for more than four decades. One of our goals is to ensure that Utah’s kids achieve their full potential regardless of their backgrounds. To ensure that we reach as many children as possible, we have mentors.

If you are wondering about volunteer opportunities in Utah, please start with us by applying to be a mentor or become a ‘Big.’ What can you expect? Below are a few things that you will do or experience as a BBBSU mentor.

Transform a Child’s Life

Here at BBSU, we work with more than 1200 kids. Most of them are facing a plethora of challenges, including poverty. When you become a BBBSU mentor, you will get the rare opportunity to change the life of a kid. You will show them how the problems they encounter in their daily lives should not hinder them from achieving all their dreams. Additionally, teach them practical ways to nurture great relationships with their friends at home or at school. With your help, the child you’ll be mentoring has a better chance of succeeding in life.

You’ll lead a Better Life.

If you are researching how to volunteer in Utah, you already know the value of helping others. Making life a bit more comfortable for someone else is fulfilling. It brings about a joy that is not comparable to anything else. By signing up to become a mentor at BBBSU, you can do things that resonate with your heart. Knowing that you saved a child from wallowing in the misery that comes with living in poverty or being a refugee in Utah will make you feel good, even during tough times.

As you have seen above, becoming a BBBSU mentor is a great idea. You will improve the quality of your life and that of others, and it is unbelievably satisfying. Contact us to learn more about how to volunteer in Utah.