Adolescence is a period of significant development, and the character traits nurtured during this time can remain for a lifetime. For this reason, fostering self-confidence in the teen years can increase the chances of success in adulthood. If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Utah, you can help teens build resilience and confidence as a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah mentor. Here are a few ways to raise confidence in teens.

Teach Teens to Find Strength in Adversity

Rising to life’s challenges is complicated and sometimes painful, but it also builds resourcefulness and self-reliance — factors that are essential to self-confidence. Rather than avoiding stressful situations or giving up in times of adversity, teens must learn to take on new challenges and find healthy ways to cope.

Emphasize the Importance of Practice and Failure

Self-confidence comes from competence, and competence is built on practice. Practice means repetition from repeatedly failing until a task becomes satisfactory and a person becomes confident in the skill. The willingness to practice, fall, and improve is essential to raising confidence.

Foster Self-Evaluation, Not Self-Criticism

According to the Pew Research Center data, social media is a double-edged sword for teens. Although social media connects teens with their peers, about 26% say social sites make them feel bad about their lives. Girls, especially, are prone to self-criticism during adolescence. Teaching teens to self-evaluate instead of self-criticize fosters confidence.

Support Aspirations

Powerful affirmative statements from mentors boost confidence in teens, and you can become a mentor through volunteer opportunities in Utah with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah. Allow a teen’s future goals to inspire their current interests and efforts by emphasizing practice and planning.

Help a Teen Build Their Confidence, Become a Mentor

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah understands how essential self-confidence is for teenagers, and our mentorship program connects volunteers with teens. If you’re interested in rewarding volunteer opportunities in Utah, visit