Start a new tradition this holiday season with your family. A special way to brighten up the season is to volunteer. Not only will you feel more festive, but you could also greatly influence another being, bringing warmth and cheer during this most wonderful time of the year. All by volunteering with youth.

Volunteering with Youth

Become a mentor with Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Utah. Mentors become the rocks to their little brothers or little sisters lean on. They need people who can listen, share, and do fun things while being consistent, genuine, and trustworthy.

Young lives are often changed when they have a mentor to guide them on their way. If you don’t feel as though you can be a mentor, you can always donate. Donations in Utah are always needed.

Ways to Donate in Utah

Sponsor a canned food drive in your neighborhood. Donations in Utah are always needed, and this time of the year is no different. Take the items to the local food bank and then donate your time. Don’t forget hygiene or cleaning products. These things are not covered by food stamps, and many people struggle to keep them in their homes.

A coat drive at your work is another great idea. Homeless and women’s shelters can always use donations in Utah. The homeless often have to stay outside during the day and need coats to stay warm. Abused women often have to leave home without any of their possessions and a new to them coat will make them feel better.

Don’t forget your furry friends this year. If you have all you need, ask for people to give you pet care items and pet food for presents. Animal shelters can always use donations in Utah, and during the cold weather months, it’s even more urgent. Dog beds, brushes, leashes, collars, and toys are always good alternatives if you don’t want to just donate pet food. When you make your donation, spend a little time playing with the animals and taking them for a walk.