January is here, which means it’s National Mentoring Month! A perfect opportunity to look for volunteer opportunities in Utah. In celebration, we’re focusing the next few blogs on the role and impact of mentors, starting with the special month itself.

volunteer opportunities in Utah


One of the main focus of this month is increasing the amount of available mentors for young people. At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we have many participating Littles still waiting to be matched with their Big. This is especially true for boys. Becoming someone’s Big is one of the most fulfilling volunteer opportunities in Utah and a great way to honor this nationally recognized month.


Another important focus is raising awareness. There’s even hashtags like #NationalMentoringMonth and #ThankYourMentor to use on social media to help spread the word to family and friends. Today’s youth face so many unique challenges from broken families to emotional struggles and the more people that they have in their corner, the better. It’s time that we, as responsible adults, stand up and defend their potential.


National Mentoring Month began in 2002. The Harvard School of Public Health and MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership founded National Mentoring Month. It was launched to raise national attention to individuals, businesses, schools, government agencies, nonprofits, and faith communities. There is a great need for mentors. This month celebrates the potential that is possible if we come together to support our young people.

You can join the cause. BBBS provides some of the most fulfilling and lasting volunteer opportunities in Utah. You can expand your favorite pastimes or interests by sharing them with a Little. Contact us today to learn more.