Today’s youth face a myriad of unique and difficult challenges. Littles need the support of healthy adult figures now more than ever in order to empower their potential. This is why, at Big Brothers Big Sisters, we do all we can to provide programs and volunteer opportunities in Utah that are accessible to a variety of individuals. Did you know that you can be a Big Couple or a Big Family?

What is a Big Couple?

Volunteering as a Big Couple means that you get to work alongside someone close to you. The service you both offer as a team can be a positive impact an individual child’s life. It can allow the child to visualize what a healthy relationship looks like. Volunteering in this way can also make the experience more positive. 

What is a Big Family?

This is similar to the Big Couple program, just a little, well, bigger. The Big Family program provides volunteer opportunities in Utah for entire families because it allows a Big Brother or Big Sister their Little along on family outings or events. These kinds of events can be a significant force for good in a Little’s life. Whether it’s going to the movies together or hanging out with the family on a lazy afternoon, it’s all important. Quality time spent in a family setting has been shown to have positive psychological effects on children, including increased confidence and better decision making.

Both of these programs benefit both Bigs and Littles. It expands a Little’s circle of supporters and gives Bigs more meaningful options for spending time with their Little. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in Utah for yourself or your family—especially ones that will last—become a Big today and defend the potential of our youth and our communities.