Big Brothers Big Sisters has seen a lot of success come out of the volunteer opportunities in Utah and throughout the nation. They add to the legacy already built by the volunteers and advocates that have come before us. 

Believe it or not, Big Brothers Big Sisters has been around for over a century. One-hundred sixteen years, to be exact, and it’s mission has always been the same. The goal is to help kids understand their full potential and give them the chance to reach it. This wouldn’t have been possible without a century’s worth of individuals who saw a chance to empower youth and took it.

It started clear back in 1904 when Ernest Coulter, a young court clerk in bustling New York City, began to notice a steady stream of boys coming through his courtroom. This bothered him because he recognized the deep need for caring adults in the lives of these boys. It wasn’t long before he began looking for volunteers to fill that need. That’s what began the Big Brothers movement.

Coulter wasn’t the only one who recognized a need. At about the same time, a group called the Ladies of Charity were already beginning to offer their friendship to girls that came through the New York Children’s Court. They later became known as the Catholic Big Sisters.

It wasn’t until 1977 that these independent groups, now known as the Big Brothers Association and Big Sisters International, came together. Their combined efforts are what led to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America that we all know today.

The need to empower the potential of youth is just as relevant today as it was in 1904.  If you’re looking for a lasting way to contribute to your local community, there are a variety of donation and volunteer opportunities in Utah. Every contribution helps us keep the cause moving forward. This history is just as much a celebration of the mission as it is the volunteers, advocates, and donors like you who support it.