At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we believe that one-to-one mentoring has the most significant impact on empowering youth to reach their potential. Recent studies have shown that the kids matched with a Big Brother or Big Sister are much more confident in themselves and are significantly less likely to participate in risky behaviors.

The Littles that participate in our program are between the ages of six and sixteen, which is a critical time of life for learning and making decisions. We design our volunteer opportunities in Utah to match these youth with trusted, positive adults committed to helping each Little build a brighter future.

volunteer opportunities in Utah


Our volunteer opportunities in Utah serve many local children and youth facing opportunity gaps and unique challenges. One-to-one mentoring has shown to influence these youth for the better, helping them develop a better attitude about school and improve their interpersonal relationships.

The numbers speak for themselves:

-55% of Littles are likely to enroll in college after having been paired with a trusted Big Brother or Big Sister.
-92% expressed increased trust in their parents.
-93% reported a higher level of social acceptance.
-94% showed an improvement in their academic performance.

The relationships built in our program often carry on well after the initial mentoring is complete. That’s why BBBS’s volunteer opportunities in Utah are some of the most fulfilling.

Safety is our top priority when it comes to one-to-one mentoring. We’ve collaborated with experts like the Centers for Disease Control, the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children to develop our child protection systems.

We are committed to empowering children to overcome adversity and succeed, making safety and security the foundation of what we do. We believe in the power of this form of mentoring enough to invest in multi-layered screenings, interview assessing, and on-going monitoring to keep each child safe.

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