When it comes to matching Littles with their Bigs, there’s a little art and a little science that goes in to making a great match. Big Brothers Big Sisters offers unique and impactful volunteer opportunities in Utah and we want to ensure that the service we provide to local youth and their families is as positive and impactful as possible.

Here’s a little bit about how we determine the matches:

First, we generally try to target those children that need us most. These are often children living in a single-parent home, coping with parental incarceration, or growing up in poverty. We ensure their safety by requiring that Bigs go through an extensive background check and a careful interview process.

One of the things that sets BBBS apart from other mentoring programs or volunteer opportunities in Utah is our on-going support of the mentoring match once it is made. Aside from the initial security checks, there are also regular check-ins between our staff, the child, their family, and the volunteer mentor.

Once we get to know the child and the potential volunteer, we use the information we’ve gathered to create mentor relationships that feel natural. That’s why we ask potential volunteers all kids of questions about location, personality, and even preference.

We then offer our support and supervision from the get-go. This is to ensure that the relationship becomes something positive for everyone involved. However, this doesn’t mean we dictate how Bigs and Littles choose to spend their time.

Volunteering as a Big Brother or Big Sister is a unique experience when it comes to volunteer opportunities in Utah because it is very flexible. You don’t even have to give up your favorite hobbies or community events. In fact, these are exactly the sort of things that make the relationship beneficial and unique. It doesn’t have to be anything that would break your budget. Just a few hours every couple of weeks doing something you both enjoy is enough. In fact, it’s everything. What matters most is being consistent and caring. All the rest is pretty much icing on the cake.

The need for positive mentors is critical. Children face a myriad of challenges. Offer your support and empower the potential in our local youth. Contact us today to learn more.