Mental health refers to the state of an individual’s well-being in which they identify their capabilities in coping with everyday life stresses and, as a result, can work fruitfully and productively.

Protecting mental health means optimizing and maintaining positive mental health by embracing good mental health habits with the ultimate goal of preventing any mental health problem. Moreover, protecting youth mental health involves addressing factors that cause mental health problems before a specific one is identified in an individual, a group of people, or even a larger population.

Research has proved that mental health conditions, including behavioral and cognitive health problems, are the leading causes of adjustment problems in youths worldwide. Some of these mental problems include; depression, mood disturbances, anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, substance abuse, aggressive behavior, and suicidal behavior. Thus, deserving maximum attention on protection and prevention of youth mental health.

Organization Centered on Helping Youth

Nonetheless, organizations like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah have taken it upon themselves to help youth’s mental wellness within their reach and beyond. They work under the belief that mental health conditions have a substantial effect on the development of over one billion youth around the globe and their social and economic capabilities. In their efforts to spread awareness on protecting youth mental health, among many other responsibilities to the society, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah have provided volunteer Opportunities in Utah for anyone interested in joining in the fight towards the prevention of mental health conditions.

In addition, the recognition given to mental wellness must move beyond only treatment-oriented programs to much broader approaches, for instance, social inclusion and awareness.

Furthermore, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah encourages normalizing healthy behaviors, which can help protect against the onset of diagnosable mental conditions and reduce the factors that may lead to youths developing mental disorders. Hence, taking up the Volunteer Opportunities in Utah slots enables these volunteers to create environments and living conditions that support mental health. Thus, encouraging people to adopt healthy lifestyles to protect youths from mental health disorders.

Volunteer Opportunities in Utah fosters several ways in which mental health can be promoted, for instance:

  • Early childhood interventions and child and youth development programs
  • Integrating mental health promotional activities in schools
  • Programs targeting sensitizing minority and vulnerable groups on mental health awareness
  • Providing violence prevention programs

To learn more about being involved in youth’s lives, visit to apply to become a youth mentor.