Volunteering is rewarding all on its own, but there are other benefits to giving of your time. For instance, volunteer work is a great way to build up your resume. Volunteer opportunities in Utah are plentiful, but few are engaging as volunteering as becoming a mentor to someone who needs a positive presence in their life.

As a mentor, you gain a wide array of resume-enhancing skills that will benefit you when it’s time to submit it to a potential employer.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offers several options for interested mentors. Community-based mentoring matches you with an under-resourced youth to act as a role model. You meet with your mentee two to four times each month to spend quality time together. Site-based mentoring matches you with youth to help specifically with academic pursuits. And Mentor 2.0 matches you with high school students preparing to go to college or embark on a career.

Volunteer opportunities in Utah build your resume in several ways:

  • It shows you can follow-through on a commitment. One of the things future employers want to see is how well you can follow through on activities to which you commit. As a mentor, your mentee depends on your consistency, so commitment is paramount to being a successful mentor.
  • It provides relevant work experience. If yours is a field in which communication, interpersonal skills, and organization are highly valued traits, then volunteering with an organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah will prove invaluable to future employers. Volunteering requires you to communicate effectively, interact with new people, organize your schedule and mentee, and submit pertinent paperwork routinely. These are all skills that ultimately transfer to a work environment.
  • Volunteering shows you are conscientious and community-oriented. These are resume-builders because it shows future employers you are not a selfish person. This speaks to your integrity as an individual and indicates you are more likely to be a solid team player.

For more information on Utah’s volunteer opportunities with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, visit our website at https://bbbsu.org/.