Child Abuse Prevention Month is held in April to create and spread child abuse awareness and prevention efforts. Volunteer opportunities in Utah allow individuals to participate in child abuse prevention efforts. At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we recognize the importance of children in the community. Our mentors, staff, and parents are provided with child abuse prevention classes each year. You too, can support child abuse prevention efforts this April; here’s how:

Spread the Word

The main goal of most non-profit organizations during the child abuse prevention month is to ensure that no one violates a child’s rights. In addition, the organization ensures that children recognize their value in society. However, it is difficult for one person to achieve all these goals alone. It will require the help of others through fundraising and spreading the word about child abuse prevention efforts.

Ways you can spread the word:

  • Share a social media post about child abuse prevention
  • Educate a friend or family member about child abuse prevention
  • Wear blue in support of child abuse prevention

Child Welfare explains, “spreading the word about child abuse prevention lets your community know they can take action to strengthen families and help them thrive.”

Spend Time With Children

At Big Brothers Big Sisters Utah, we offer volunteer opportunities in Utah through one-on-one mentoring programs. By becoming a mentor for BBBSU, you can help ignite the potential in kids that may be facing difficulties at home.

Join Efforts With BBBSU

At BBBSU, parents and children are educated on youth protection during enrollment in our program. In addition, all staff and board members renew their knowledge of youth protection annually. To learn more about BBBSU child abuse prevention efforts, visit