Students’ attitudes and behaviors during the initial few days of the new school year can impact their performance over the rest of the academic year. A child that is mentally prepared for the year ahead can have a better chance at a smooth transition into the school year. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah offers volunteer opportunities in Utah for adults to be mentors to children known as ‘Littles.’ Mentors act as guides for Little’s throughout their time together, and can be especially helpful during back-to-school time. Here’s how Big’s can help their Little get ready to go back to school: 

Visit the School or Classroom

If the child has been learning remotely or is starting a new school, you can take your Little for a tour of the school campus, cafeteria, and playground, if allowed by their guardian and school administration. Being familiar with the school may help the child feel more comfortable when they arrive for their first day of school. 

Read Beginning-of-School Stories

Stories with characters that kids can relate to might help ease first-day nerves and boost confidence in many children.

Talk About School, Friends, Teachers, and New Activities

Self-awareness starts at home. Ask your Little about the classroom when discussing going back to school. Ask them what they’re looking forward to and what they want to learn.

Summer Reading

Set up a book nook over the summer so you and your Little will have a space to read after school. Include a shelf or basket with books your Little may want to read. Consider series or a range of genres: poetry, graphic novels, historical fiction, mysteries, and biographies. Keep a piece of paper and a pencil accessible, so your Little can sketch or write about their book.

If you are searching for volunteer opportunities in Utah, visit Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is searching for mentors to build lasting relationships with Little’s and help them get ready to return to school.