There is no doubt that charitable nonprofit organizations embody the best of the United States of America. With donations in Utah and the rest of the U.S., people have a better way of working together for the common good, transforming shared hopes and beliefs into action. For instance, a nonprofit like Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has helped to ignite the potential of local kids through mentoring for decades.

Here is a synopsis of how nonprofits have made a difference in America.

Strengthening Communities

Nonprofits in the United States help foster civic engagement and leadership while strengthening the fabric of our communities and driving economic growth. Every day, everyone in the U.S. benefits from the work of nonprofit organizations in one way or the other, whether they notice it or not.

For example, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has helped match volunteer mentors with kids in their programs for over 40 years to ignite the potential of Utah kids. This strengthens the current and future communities through mentoring in Utah to help the next generation reach their full potential.

Establish a Community

Nonprofits are vital for communities in the United States because they are specifically established to help various communities work on certain problems, thus promoting awareness of societal issues and giving incentives for change.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is an excellent example of an organization that identified the need to invest in children’s futures through the organization’s focus on Utah mentoring programs. 

Keeping the Environment Clean

By donating used clothes and other used items to nonprofits, fewer pounds of used clothes, toys, and small household items fill up landfills each year. Eventually, the environment becomes cleaner and safer for everyone!


The United States currently has approximately 1.3 million charitable nonprofits that shelter, feed, enlighten, and educate people of every gender, age, socioeconomic status, and race. And without forgetting their roles in nurturing, inspiring, and mentoring generations.