Financing a non-profit organization is never easy. One of the more challenging aspects is ensuring that they have enough money to fulfill their mission while covering all your overhead costs and salaries. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah is a non-profit organization working to provide mentors for children in need.

Some people are hesitant about donating due to the fear that they will not monitor where or how their money is spent. However, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah ensures all donors’ money is used responsibly and goes towards exactly where it’s needed most.

What Donations Are Used For: 

The Youth Program in Utah relies on donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations to achieve its goals. Donations can come in the form of cash, grants, items, and more. We also accept donations of goods such as clothing.

The donations are used to help fund a variety of programs for mentors and kids. This includes expanding mentoring services, recruitment activities to raise awareness about mentoring opportunities, and training for mentors and staff. Last year, Big Brothers Big Sisters groups provided its services to over 1,000 children with mentors due to donations from donors.

The donations can also be measured in terms of time. In 2020, mentors spent an approximate 72000 hours toward Big Brothers Big Sisters’ cause. 

The donations also help the Youth Program in Utah, which has had positive results in the youths’ lives. The youth have gained self-confidence and social competence (93%). The children have also attained a positive attitude towards education, with 94% enhancing their school goals.

Finally, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah has a Board of Directors that runs the organization’s affairs. The Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the management of all activities, which includes fundraising. If donors are interested in supporting the organization, they can do so by donating on their website.