In these challenging times, any little bit of help for your neighbors can make a huge difference.

Everyone has a hard time lately, but our children are the most vulnerable people in our communities. The children of Utah need your help. Making donations in Utah is a great way to start.

Right now, 1 in 10 children in Utah is facing the burdens of poverty.

In Utah, over 12% of all households are experiencing some kind of food insecurity. They don’t know if they’ll be able to afford their next meals or shop for groceries—young children who are growing up in poverty face many obstacles and hurdles outside their control. Poverty increases the rates of teen pregnancy, mental illness, substance abuse, and chronic illnesses.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can give to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah to help your neighbors.

  1. Donate right now.

Any money you give will fund mentor programs to help students stay healthy and stay in school. Changing lives can be as easy as online shopping.

  1. Make a recurring monthly donation.

Making a monthly contribution allows your consistent support to assist BBBSU in planning for future mentors with confidence. Instead of signing up for yet another streaming service, sign up to regularly help your neighbors.

  1. Donate stocks or securities.

Your investments can become literal investments in a child’s future. BBBSU makes it easy to give financial products as gifts.

  1. Planned estate plan giving.

Leave a legacy in your estate planning that will allow more children in Utah to thrive and succeed. Charitable giving lowers your estate tax burden and secures a future for children.

  1. Corporate matching.

Companies love to give to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah because they know the impact of mentors on communities. Your company can donate, establish a partnership, or host an event.

Making Donations in Utah

Donate today and change a child’s life forever.