There are numerous fun activities, places, and volunteer opportunities in Utah that youth can visit or participate in during the Holidays. 

Here are a few of the holiday activities youth will love this season:

1. Watching Holiday Movies, Plays & More

There are so many plays, concerts, and movies that can be interesting for the youth during the holiday season. Plays may have moral lessons, and they mainly focus on love, charity, and family, among other fundamental values in the community. Utah Christmas concerts and plays include ‘Christmas in the Canyon’ or ‘Utah Valley Handbell Ringers’.

2. Playing in the Snow

If you’re looking for a free and fun activity during the holidays, consider taking advantage of the snow. You can participate in snow activities such as ice skating, and snowboarding. 

3. Embrace the Spirit of Giving

There is no better time to give and volunteer than during the holiday season. There are many volunteer opportunities in Utah in which youth can participate. You can encourage your youth to find volunteer opportunities in Utah in their school, friend groups, or neighborhoods. 

At Big Brother Big Sisters Utah, we encourage youth to participate in activities alongside a mentor/Big. Becoming a Big allows you to interact with youth through participating in various activities while offering them guidance. To learn more about becoming a Big, visit