The donations Utah residents provide us with are what makes our mission possible. Our donors understand what kind of influence our programs have on kids and the positive change it brings to each of our communities. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah looks to connect with and support the children in Utah through stable relationships with an adult mentor. From the contributions our mentors and donors provide, our organization receives the infrastructure necessary to support the youth and defend their potential.

To illustrate what these contributions do, here are five reasons you should donate.

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As a non-profit organization, all of the donations we receive go toward things like supplies, activities, transportation, events, information technology, salaries and wages. In fact, we provide financial statements so you can know exactly where the donations Utah residents make are going. While the work of BBBS volunteers and employees change lives, if it weren’t for the generous donations, our organization would not exist.


 Not only do the donations support the mentoring, events and supplies for the children apart of our program, they also teach the youth a valuable lesson about generosity.  Whether it is years down the road or the next day, the influence generosity has on others will often push people to pass it forward in a cyclical way. With so many kids on the receiving end of someone else’s generosity, our BBBS Littles are more likely to pass it forward.


 Without a lot of good influence in the lives of young kids, they are more likely to get caught up in crippling and dangerous activities. The donations Utah residents provide BBBSU with give these kids an institute that supports them and keep them from heading down the wrong path. For example, when kids are trapped in a bad environment, they are more likely to act out in risky behavior. However, 84 percent of BBBSU Littles say that they are less likely to engage in risky behavior after being with their mentor for a year or more.


 As humans, we have a moral duty to help one another, and donating is one of the best ways to do this. Having the power to improve the lives of others is a powerful privilege that should not be taken for granted.


 Every donation helps, and the donations Utah residents provide our organization with going further than just helping our programs and kids. Participating in a good cause often has a domino effect with those around you. When you donate, your influence encourages friends and family to do the same. The more people give back to their communities, the healthier the living circumstances become for our youth.

Making a financial donation online is the fastest and easiest way to support and be a part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters mission, but you can also donate clothing and other appropriate household items. Through the donations Utah residents provide, we are able to do what we love — defend the potential of the kids in our community!