At Big Brothers Big Sisters, we know that everyone has different needs and different ways that they can afford to give back to their community, which is why we offer a variety of flexible ways for you to get involved. We receive many generous donations in Utah and we take each contribution seriously.

These donations are a vital part of defending potential in local youth, and we are grateful for the generosity that we see from individuals and organizations alike. One of our popular donation options is called Planned Giving. 

donations in Utah


All of the donations in Utah that we receive go to helping us create safe, positive mentoring matches for Littles, Bigs and their families. The planned gifts that we receive boost our security measures and training that we are able to incorporate into our mentoring programs.


Planned Giving helps us, but it also offers many benefits to donors, including:

  • Tax Breaks
  • Potential Income Increase
  • Control of Assets
  • Modification to your bequest
  • Lower Tax Burden

The donations in Utah that go to BBBS play an essential role in improving our local communities. That’s why we keep the process as simple and straightforward as possible.


One of the best parts about our planned giving donations in Utah is their immense impact. Through this program, you can give a gift that is larger than what may have been possible during your lifetime. In 2018 alone, we paired 1,309 local youth with a positive, adult mentor. They were ready to be paired with someone who helped to empower them in their future, all thanks to the generous donations in Utah. 

There are still 99 waiting to be matched with a Big. Planned gifts and other donations in Utah can help them to get started. Visit our website today, and get involved.