Valentine’s Day is a perfect time of year to look for opportunities to help your community. It’s a holiday that celebrates love, so why not take the chance to show some extra kindness to your neighbors and fellow community members? From giving donations in Utah to volunteering, here are a few philanthropic ways to celebrate:

donations in Utah


One of the best things that you can give is your time. There are a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in Utah. Try helping at an animal shelter or a local nursing home. Here at BBBS, we are grateful for any that are willing to lend a hand. Many of the youth that participate in our program are still waiting to be paired with a volunteer mentor.


There are also many different organizations and causes that accept donations in Utah. Your contribution can go a long way. At BBBS, we put each donation to good use by creating safe, positive mentoring matches. That means all the donations in Utah that we receive help children improve themselves, which is an impact that can last a lifetime.


Send out thank you cards or nice notes to organizations within your community. This might be the police department, the fire department or your local EMS. You can add any nonprofits to the list or even just your neighbor down the street.


Money and time are not the only form of donations in Utah. Take some time to finally clean out that back room or your garage. You can then donate used items that you no longer need to thrift stores or shelters that accept them. You’ll have a cleaner space and the place that you donate too will appreciate the contribution.


Did you know that February 9-15 is Random Acts of Kindness Week? Look for ways throughout the week that you can brighten someone’s day. Compliment a coworker or pay for someone’s coffee. These little acts might have more an impact on someone than you realize.

If you are looking for more opportunities to volunteer your time or give donations in Utah, then check out our website. We have several different options for donating. Or by just volunteering four hours a month, you can help empower a child to see their own potential. Contact us today to learn more!