Being a part of Big Brothers Big Sisters means empowering the potential in individual children. We’ve seen from past matches how positive adult mentors can positively impact the current and future lives of Littles. We’ve also seen how the contributions from you, our supporters, can improve our schools and communities. Here are three positive effects that making donations in Utah can have on us as local citizens and on the communities in which we live:

Improves Quality of Life

One of the great things about contributing to a cause is that you get the chance to meet and interact with others who share similar beliefs. And there’s just something bolstering about uniting for a common purpose. Additionally, the National Institute of Health conducted a study that suggested that donating money activates sections of the brain that allow us to feel pleasure.

Fulfills Current Needs

Life is hard. There will always be people in our communities and neighborhoods in need of additional help. By making donations in Utah, you help to fill some of the important needs of fellow citizens. At BBBS we have over 100 kids still waiting to be matched with their Bigs. Your donations play an important role in helping us provide Littles with positive role models.

It’s Contagious

There’s a good chance that once your friends and loved ones begin to see your efforts and the fulfillment that it brings they’ll begin thinking about making their own donations. Today’s issues require much more than individual effort. The more we can unite on issues, the more problems we can solve.

By contributing resources to a cause that we believe in, we get more out of it than we can imagine. At Big Brothers Big Sisters we value each and every one of the contributed donations in Utah and we are grateful for the success it has helped us achieve in creating matches for local youth here in Utah. Visit our website to see the variety of ways you can help children discover their potential.