To our Bigs, Littles, and their family members,

We at BBBSU are pleased to announce that we are going to be safely and responsibly loosening some Big/Little meeting guidelines. Of course, parents, guardians, Bigs, and Littles must all be willing to meet and feel 100% comfortable above anything else; safety is still our top priority.

To start, Littles and their parent or guardian must notify their Mentoring Support Coordinator of their intention to begin an in-person meeting. Bigs and Littles must also check their temperatures prior to the meeting and look for other symptoms pointing to illness.

If a Big or Little has been knowingly exposed to COVID-19, or if a Big or Little’s family members are experiencing symptoms of any illness, in-person visits must cease for a minimum of 14 days.

Additionally, Bigs are prohibited from transporting their Littles to or from any activities. During the activities/visits, Bigs and Littles must maintain at least 6 feet of physical distance from one another and wear face coverings (masks). Bigs and Littles in need of a mask should consult with their Mentoring Support Coordinators, as BBBSU has a limited supply of masks. Additionally, you can visit https://coronavirus.utah.gov/mask/ if you’re in need of a mask for you or your family members.

It is recommended that Bigs and Littles participate in outdoor activities, such as meeting at a park, outside your home, etc. Avoid any activities which will prevent you from following social distancing guidelines.

If you and your Little/Big were matched virtually, you must continue meeting virtually for now until an in-person meeting can be arranged.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in keeping our community safe.

We were Made for this Moment

Mentoring is now more important than ever. Bigs are helping guide our Littles through the challenging days we are facing. We know that mentors are essential support systems in a time of anxiety and uncertainty, and they can’t wait to get back together in person. Below are the measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our Littles, Bigs, and staff.

Program Information

We have asked Littles and Bigs to meet virtually during this time. Bigs and Littles can apply, interview, and be trained virtually. For program specific information and virtual meeting ideas, follow the link below.

Click Here For Community Resource Links and Virtual Mentoring Tips

Clothing Donation Information

Currently, the most impactful way to make a donation is by going directly to a participating Savers location. Please be aware that hours of operation have changed at certain sites and donation bins are being collected intermittently. Out of respect for the property owners that generously donate the bin spaces to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah, we ask for your help in keeping our community clean by not leaving items outside of bins or donation centers. Unfortunately, items left to the elements cannot be used and will be discarded. For the safety of staff and donors, we have suspended curbside pickup.

Click Here For Updated Donation Site Hours

How you can Help

Monetary contributions continue to be our greatest need. Your donation allows us to invest in the potential of every child, no matter what difficulties they face.

The CARES Act has enhanced charitable giving incentives for your 2020 taxes. This new provision allows for up to $300 of charitable contributions to be above-the-line deductions, meaning you don’t have to itemize them to claim the deduction. Your gift will make more of a difference than ever before. To donate, click the button below.

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