What We’re Doing About Covid-19

General Information

It is critical that everyone stays informed about the coronavirus COVID-19 and what you can do to protect yourself and your family. If you have specific questions, please speak to a health care provider. For general information about current guidance on how to protect yourself please visit the CDC website (https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html) or the Utah Coronavirous Task Force website (https://coronavirus.utah.gov/)

Our mentoring relationships were made for this moment. Mentors can help their Littles understand what is going on, support what is likely their first remote school experience, and give them a safe space to share whatever they may be feeling in this unprecedented time.

Program Information

As of March 30th, the most recent information on our program operations is as follows:

Community-Based Program:

  • Matches – We have asked Bigs and Littles to only meet virtually at this time. We have assembled a list of ideas and you can reach out to your Match Support if you need help with these.
  • Enrollment of volunteers – We are interviewing potential volunteers via video calls – all volunteers will be asked to schedule a time to come in and get their fingerprint background check completed with their same enroller when social distancing is complete.
  • Enrollment of children and families – We are experimenting with video enrollment for families that can, and postponing interviews for families that don’t have that capability.
  • Matching – we are continuing to propose matches for enrolled youth. Some matches will begin their mentoring relationship virtually for the first three months.
  • Match support – will continue via phone or video conference, no in person match support.

Site-Based Programs:

  • All sites are currently closed.  Some sites are meeting virtually during their regular meeting time please reach out to your Mentoring Support Coordinator to see if this is happening at your site.
  • Additionally we are encouraging Bigs and Littles to stay connected via different means of communication, google folders, video conference etc. Your Program Coordinator will reach out with options available for you and your little.

Beyond School Walls / Workplace Mentoring:

  • In person meetings are on hold until school and sites are back to normal operations.
  • Matches are encouraged to communicate via the google folders set up by your Program Coordinator, if you have questions about other types of communication please reach out to your Program Coordinator.
  • Enrollment and Match Support – Continuing via video conference.



  • Matches should continue to communicate via the conversation’s app or iMentor platform, with or without distance learning options.
  • No in-person events through April 13th.
  • Match Support – will continue via phone and video conference. Please reach out to your Program Coordinator with any questions.