Little Raydin and Big Christian were matched for a little over a year. Although the match officially closed when Big Christian moved away from Utah, the time he spent with his Little Raydin had a big impact on them both. Their match was based on both adventure and growth. They pushed themselves to try exciting new activities and face their fears.  

Their outdoor activities included kayaking, rock climbing, skateboarding, and even surfing (that must have been hard to find in Utah!). Christian also helped Raydin to hone his skills in basketball by taking him to the court at the community center to practice. In addition to their outdoor adventures, Christian and Raydin also talked about things like school, family and appreciating the present moment. 

Raydin’s mom noticed an increase in her son’s confidence as he had these experiences and got out of his comfort zone with his Big. Throughout their time together, Raydin made improvements in his schoolwork and his personal relationships, especially with his family. Christian gives all the credit to his Little Raydin, saying he was “just along for the ride.” By being there for Raydin, Christian supported him as he grew and made important life changes. Raydin loved having someone he could look up to – someone who spent time with him and clearly cared how he was doing.  

Raydin taught Christian a few things along the way too. Christian admired Raydin’s natural kindness toward others. Christian said, “Whenever [Raydin] sees someone that needs help, he acts without prompting or hesitation.” Christian said, “Sometimes I think my life is too busy, but then I spend time with Raydin, and I remember how awesome it is to interact with him.” 

Before committing to being a mentor, Christian was on the fence, saying he’d “…been going back and forth for a while on becoming a Big.” His schedule was packed, and he rarely had free time. One day, his life had changed enough to support being a Big, and he decided that it was the right time to join BBBSU. After making the decision himself, he would tell others, “If you’re considering it, I think that’s a sign to jump in and do it. I was there too, and I’m so glad I just took that small leap.” 

Christian and Raydin were able to pack in a lot of memories and growth in their time together. Throughout their mentoring relationship, they fostered each other’s adventurous spirits, built a friendship, and helped each other navigate through day-to-day life. That is what being a mentor is all about. 

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