Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Utah are always looking for donations in Utah. Donating to the program allows them to provide more one-to-one mentors to children in the community. Your support will lead to more college grads, community leaders, and entrepreneurs. It’s not just a donation in Utah but is an investment in the youth of the state.

Where to Donate in Utah

So, you may ask: “Where to Donate in Utah”? Monetary donations in Utah are wonderful and much needed, but lives are changed through the Big Brother, Big Sister mentorship program. Believing that every kid has potential, this program strives to help the children who are facing challenges in their everyday lives. Nearly one-third of all children in Utah live in poverty and one-fifth live in intergenerational poverty. It tends to a vicious cycle, and children often need a hand up and someone to show them the way. This is where the Big Brother, Big Sister program comes into play.

Suicide is the number one cause of death for children ages 11 to 17 in Utah. The Big Brother, Big Sister program shows children they aren’t alone and allows them to make a connection to someone. Social acceptance decreases the risk factors for suicide, along with improving grades and better behavior in school.

Mentorship Programs – How You Can Help

Two ways to mentor exist are community-based mentoring and site-based mentoring. With community-based mentoring, volunteers are matched up with children on a one to one basis. Then, the pair will meet two to four times a month and work on development goals for the child. Activities center around five areas called “thriving indicators.” These are healthy habits, life skills, love of learning, positive relationships, and social skills. The site-based program meets in 15 different elementary schools across the state of Utah. Most meetings are after school for an hour, and the “Bigs” and “Littles” may work on homework, play games, or do an activity together.

While monetary donations in Utah are always welcome and needed, try giving a bit of your time. Mentorship helps everyone soar and rise to their greatest potential.