Many deserving non-profit organizations are making a difference to the local community. The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah Volunteer Mentorship Program is a fantastic example! Especially if you feel strongly about giving underprivileged children and teens the resources they need to thrive. It’s easy to contribute and show your support for a trusted non-profit in Utah. Here are a few ways you can give back through volunteer opportunities in Utah and shine a light on those less fortunate.

Sign Up for Mentoring

The Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah Volunteer Mentorship Program offers community and site-based mentoring. Volunteer mentors pair with a child for a unique youth development and support program. This is an excellent opportunity to have open and honest conversations with a child. A child who may have family struggles or suffer from severe trauma. A little bit of wisdom from someone they can look up to goes a long way. You can sign up to be a mentor here.

Donate Old Clothing and Belongings

This year, Big Brothers Big Sisters has collected more than 750,000 pounds of clothing, keeping it out of landfills and giving it to kids who may not have the resources to buy new, expensive dresses for school. Household items, toys, and books are also accepted. Instead of cleaning out your closet and throwing things away, consider how they could go to a new home and put a smile on someone’s face who needs it. There are 158 donation bins throughout Utah and four donation centers, with more information available here.

Make a Monetary Donation Online

Monetary donations have always meant a lot to Big Brothers Big Sisters, but especially now in the wake of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. If you have room in your wallet and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, this non-profit put the money to great use by investing in at-risk youth’s needs and support services. The organization’s Utah chapter served 1,217 kids in 2019, emphasizing enhancing social acceptance and reducing risky behaviors. The more care and guidance these children can get, the better, and it’s all made possible through kind contributions. See these great volunteer opportunities in Utah! Find more information on how to help here!